Matt Horspool

Photography tour mentor

Matt Horspool

Landscape Photographer

Matt is a photographer born in Sth Korea and raised by adopted parents in the rural city of Orange, Australia. He graduated with a double degree in Exercise Science / Secondary Teaching and now lives and works in northern Sydney as a freelance photographer and special education teacher.

In 2009, Matt embarked on a three-month trekking & teaching journey through Sth America where his passion for photography was born. He has been fortunate enough to live, work and backpack across 43 countries on six different continents and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

His images and articles have featured in numerous print and online publications and have won multiple international awards.

Join Matt on one of his upcoming tours

Colours of India 2020

India is evocative of many images and colour seems to be a common element. Never is this more true than during the annual Spring festivities marking Holi.



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