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Colours of India Photo Tour

India is evocative of many images and colour seems to be a common element. Never is this more true than during the annual Spring festivities marking Holi. The locals refer to it as ‘Rang Leela’ which translates as ‘Colour Play’ and will often speak of ‘playing Holi’. There is a sense of joy, abandon and excess which plays beautifully and strikingly into the lens of any photographer. Join Glenn Mckimmin and Terry Taylor on this once-in-a-lifetime photographic experience in India.

Tour Overview

India is a fascinating land of contrasts yet Holi becomes a brief leveller as everyone is treated equally.  This is literally the case as after a festive day of dousing in colours, everyone looks uniformly resplendent in the rainbows of powders and coloured water each has acquired to their bodies and clothes.

This tour will take you to the north of India, where Holi is most avidly celebrated. We will attend two spectacular pre-Holi events that are held one week in advance and then ensure we are in a location with an iconic background for a colour festival, the ‘Blue City’ of Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

As the large majority of Indians still live in rural areas, our itinerary spends most of its time outside the mega-city destinations of most Indian tours. This allows for easier freedom of movement, no lost hours sitting in traffic jams, closer contact with ‘real’ India, a more relaxed form of exploration and opportunities to access a much wider variety of customs and local activities.

Our carefully selected accommodation provides elements of iconic settings, world-class luxury, preserved heritage, convenience, comfort and variety. Each property has been recently inspected and quality is assured.

Professional landscape photographer Glenn Mckimmin has teamed up with Terry Taylor to guide this expedition. Terry Taylor has been to India over 65 times. He has been leading tours in the sub-continent for 39 years, is a published and keen photographer and even keener host. He has taken to heart the ancient Indian motto: Atithi Devo Bhava – The guest is god. Terry is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a member of the International Association of Tour Managers and has personally experienced the Barsana and Nandgaon Rang Leela festivals to ensure you receive optimal information, guidance and opportunities when you attend.


13 Mar 2019 – 26 Mar 2019




$9,950 per person

Join Glenn Mckimmin and

Terry Taylor for this

photographic experience

Terry Taylor has been to India over 65 times. He has been leading tours in the sub-continent for 39 years, is a published and keen photographer and even keener host.

Holi Festival India

Don’t miss a shot

Be in the right place

at the right time

Terry is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a member of the International Association of Tour Managers and has personally experienced the Barsana and Nandgaon Rang Leela festivals to ensure you receive optimal information, guidance and opportunities when you attend.

What to bring

  • A DSLR Camera with lens/lenses
  • Spare batteries, there will be a long days with plenty of shooting.
  • A sturdy tripod.
  • Remote shutter release.
  • Filters if you have them (Polarizer/Graduated/Neutral Density).
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Wet weather gear & a compact umbrella (rain will not hold us back).
  • Your creative brains.

What to wear

  • Light breathable clothing is best.
  • Good supportive boots.  Waterproof would be best.

What you will photograph

  • Taj Mahal
  • Holi Festival
  • The Blue City
  • Local characters
  • Ancient architecture

Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be
provided each day.

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Tour Mentors

Glenn Mckimmin

Glenn Mckimmin

Landscape Photographer

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor

Tour Overview

Day 1 – Dehli

The tour begins in the capital of India and we will be staying in the Imperial Hotel considered one of the great luxury hotels of Asia. The Imperial is a homage to the grand days of the British Raj and instantly sweeps you back to an evocative time and place in India’s history.

Day 2 – Vrindavan

After visiting the popular yet serene Bangla Sahib Gurudwara (Sikh temple) in New Delhi we drive south to the ancient township of Vrindavan, one of the holiest sites in Hindu India as it is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Krishna and his beloved consort, Radha are the focus of intense celebrations particularly during the spring-time colour festival of Holi. Get used to shouting  and receiving the greeting; ‘Radhay! Radhay!’  as locals and pilgrims alike are swept along in the mounting pre-Holi excitement. We will walk the narrow streets of Old Vrindavan, visit the Banke Bihari Temple and get used to the bustle of bazaars, passion of pilgrims and kaleidoscope of colours.

Tonight you will be given a very useful briefing on how to maximise the photographic opportunities of the next two days. What gear to take, how it can be best used and protected, what to expect and how best to join in the festivities in an enthusiastic and culturally aware manner.

Day 3 – Vrindavan – Nandgaon – Agra

Today is spent in the town of Nandgaon. Again, street scenes of excited locals dousing each other in coloured powder and water as pilgrims file in for the main event. In the afternoon we enter the temple compound and immerse ourselves, literally in an incredibly intense and joyous colour festival. The frenetic activities culminate in groups of local menfolk sitting, singing songs to each other while they and all around are completely doused in great volumes of coloured powder and water until the whole scene is one of a uniform blend of crimson and orange. Photographers have the choice of getting right into the centre of the colour-storm, sitting on a parapet out of the line of fire but in a great vantage point, or both.

By the end of the day, your faces, clothes and hair will be completely multi-coloured broken only by the whiteness of your teeth from a smile that just won’t go away.

A short drive will be an opportunity for rest as we make our way to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal.

Day 4 – Agra

The Taj Mahal can be appreciated at any time of day, however, dawn provides the best opportunity to enjoy this phenomenon in its most peaceful mode. Our hotel is conveniently close to the Taj for our early morning venture.

We have the luxury of two nights in Agra to really develop a portfolio of Taj images that extend well beyond the standard, symmetrical ‘reflection shot down the central canal’ familiar to everyone. Your creative skills can come in to play as your experienced guides will lead you to a variety of excellent vantage points to take advantage of different times of the day. We will also visit Agra Fort on the Yamuna River, built in the time of the Mughal emperors Akbar and Shah Jehan, the creator of the Taj.

Day 5 – Samode

Today we head off to the state of Rajasthan, ‘The Land of Rulers’, proud of its warrior traditions, history of valour, forts, palaces, camels, elephants, brilliantly adorned women, men in large turbans walking with a swagger of self-assurance and dazzling range of artisans working on carpets, gemstones, jewellery, brassware, pottery, miniature painting, frescoes, embroidery, block printing, intricate stone masonry, bangle making and textile weaving. All to be admired and photographed at wlll,

En route we visit the spectacular deserted citadel of Fatehpur Sikri. The beautifully preserved palace, administrative and religious buildings in red sandstone and marble are a boon for architectural photography and evoke the glories of the Mughal empire.

We will arrive at the village of Samode, and check in to Samode Palace, a heritage property that has been magnificently restored. This 475 year old palace was built in the Indo-Saracenic style blending features of Islamic and Hindu architecture. The adjacent village and Aravali Hills provide excellent opportunities for photography and exploration.

Day 6 – Chhatrasagar, Nimaj

It will be hard to leave Samode the next day but another royal treat awaits as we head west and further into rural Rajasthan.

Luxury tents have long been a feature of the royal Rajput lifestyle. We will be staying in the exclusive and unique setting of Chhatrasagar. Here, our hosts will treat us to a different form of indulgence plus village and farm visits and also bird-watching tours. The food is locally grown and brilliantly prepared. This destination is sure to be one of the highlights of your tour.

Day 7 – Nimaj, Rohat

Can things get any better? Absolutely, this is India and today we are on the eve of Holi.

We drive to  Rohat our base from which to explore the blue city of Jodhpur. It is a pleasure to settle in to Rohet Garh, a beautiful, serene heritage palace property with peacocks, pavilions renowned cuisine and a reputation for being a favourite with famous travel writers and celebrities.

Your host is also a passionate breeder of the unique, Marwari horses with their lyre-like ears, stamina, speed, strength, intelligence and endurance perfect for the region. During our stay well will take a jeep safari to look for wild-life including Blackbuck, a local Bisnoi village (famous for an ardent tradition of respect for the environment) and a Brahmin village to be part of their daily opium ceremony.

Day 8 – Rohat – Jodhpur – Rohat

Happy Holi!!

We will experience Holi in the small township of Rohat but have designed your itinerary to have us in one of the most colourful cities in the world for the most colourful celebration in India.

Again, it will be a day of clouds of coloured powder, cascades of coloured water, excited locals and good-natured mayhem. All in one of the most exotic settings one could imagine.

It is a very short drive to the famous photographer’s Mecca, the blue city of Jodhpur, situated on the edge of the Great Thar Desert. Specialist guides will take us deep into the laneways and homes of the community of Brahmpura with its maze of brightly painted blue homes. The play of light in the passage ways, the exotic architecture, colourful local dress and dramatic backdrop of the imposing Mehrangarh Fort provide an abundance of photographic opportunities.

Day 9 – Rohat – Rawla Narlai

We leave the flat semi-desert of Western Rajasthan and drive south into the ancient Aravali Hills. We are likely to see ancient Persian water-wheels in action, rustic village activities that have changed little in centuries and gain the feel of life beyond the cities. The heritage resort of Rawla Narlai is a beautifully maintained former hunting lodge of a royal family. It is tucked away in the Aravali hills at the foot of a giant granite outcrop.

This will be an opportunity to relax or explore the local village, get up into the rocky surrounds and as evening approaches, prepare to be taken to our  special ‘Step-well Dinner’.

Day 10 – Rawla Narlai – Ranakpur – Udaipur

We will visit the World Heritage Site of Ranakpur temple set in a forest with its 1444 intricately carved white marble pillars. With much of the temple’s interior being open to the sky, the play of light within provides wonderful opportunities for the photographer. The temple is of the Jain religion, an interesting offshoot of Hinduism and stressing an extreme form of pacifism, ‘ahimsa’ meaning ‘no harming’…of any life, including animals and even the most annoying insects.

A short drive will take us to the lake-side city of Udaipur. Overnight Trident Hotel, Udaipur for 2 nights.

Day 11 – Udaipur

This morning we will be taken through the key areas of Udaipur’s enormous city palace to record some of the opulence enjoyed by Udaipur’s past rulers, the maharanas (considered to be above the station of maharajas). The rest of the day is to explore the old city and will culminate in our exclusive sunset cruise on Lake Pichola to gain a memorable vantage point as the city and its palaces glow in the golden sunlight.

Day 12 – Udaipur – Dehli

We say ‘farewell’ to Rajasthan and fly back to New Delhi and a chance for some last minute shopping, photography or exploration. Your experienced mentors will have a host of suggestions for you.

Day 13 – Depart Dehli International Airport

Transfer to Indira Gandhi International Airport for onward flights.

Included in the Colours of India Photo Tour 2019 cost:

Services of 2 professional photographic tour leaders, photographic tuition and workshops (suitable for any levels or ability). Internal travel and transfers. Minimum 4-star accommodation with private bathrooms on twin share / double basis.  All meals are included (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Not Included in Colours of India Photo Tour 2019 cost:

International airfares, visas, extra drinks & alcohol, laundry, travel Insurance (compulsory), items of a personal nature.

*Tour itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of Fotoworkshops. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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