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Central Coast Landscape Photography Workshop Itinerary

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The Central Coast Landscape Photography Workshop is designed to empower you to take the next step with your photography skills. We really want this experience to be a great one for you, so we have designed the course knowing that in order to be successful, it also needs to be interactive. So come along with a creative mind and we guarantee you will walk away with some great new photo skills that will make your images stand out from the rest.

The weekend will start with a 6pm  meet & greet dinner on the Friday evening. We will then get started bright and early for a sunrise on Saturday morning.

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Breakfast, a light lunch and afternoon tea will be provided but please bring along some snacks as it will be a long day.

Meeting Time & Place:

TBA closer to the date

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What to bring:

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  • A DSLR Camera with lens/lenses
  • Spare batteries if you have them, it will be a long day with plenty of shooting
  • A sturdy tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • Filters if you have them (Polarizer/Graduated/Neutral Density)
  • Good walking shoes
  • Laptop with the latest edition of Ps (Download Trial Version)
  • Wet weather gear & a compact brolly(the workshop will go ahead if its raining)
  • Your creative brains
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    Danny & Glenn are looking forward to spending time with you for a few great days of learning & sharif. If you have any questions, please fell free to call Danny on 0410407253

    Kind regards,

    The FWS Team

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    Day 1, Friday

    6:00pm              We’ll be starting the weekend off with a meet & greet dinner on friday evening. This will give us a chance to get to know everyone and to run through a few things that will be happening over the weekend.

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    Day 2, Saturday

    6:00am             -  Sunrise shoot

    7:45am              – Breakfast at one of the local  Terrigal cafe’s

    9:00am              – Classroom Venue TBA closer to the date of the workshop

    9:15am                – Set up computers and welcome chat with Danny & Glenn

    9:30am               Session 1

    - Camera settings

    - Composition

    - Colour Theory

    - Filters

    - Q&A

    11:00am              Session 2

    - Raw conversion in Photoshop

    - Simple colour editing

    12:45pm                Lunch

    1:30pm                Session 3

    - Clone tool & Healing brush

    - Preparing a print ready file

    - Preparing files for other applications

    - Sharpening

    - Plugins & Actions

    - Lightroom intro

    3:00pm               - Finish up for the Day/ Head out to shoot

    3:30pm                – Practical application of techniques

    5:12pm                – Sunset Shoot (Location TBA)

    5:30pm                – Participants depart

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    Day 3 Sunday

    6:00am              - Sunrise Shoot (Locations TBA)

    7:45am               - Breakfast at one of the local  Terrigal cafe’s

    8:45am               Session 1

    - Review colour theory

    - HDR

    - Panoramic stitching

    10:45am             Session 2

    - How we work on an image

    12:45pm              - Lunch

    1:30pm               Session 3

    -Editing your images (we will edit some participant images)

    3:00pm               – Finish up for the day /Head out to shoot

    3:45pm               – Practical Application of techniques

    5:10pm               – Sunset Shoot (Location TBA)

    5:30pm               – Participants depart

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    Please note: FotoWorkShops reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary at any time.