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Kamchatka - The Siberian Wild
This is litterally the trip of a lifetime travelling into one
of the most unique locations anywhere in the world.

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New Zealand - Autumn Colours 2015
April 11th - 16th


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Bhutan - The Kingdom of Happiness
Join us in the fabled mountain kingdom of Bhutan as we traverse forested hills,
untouched culture. verdant, rustic valleys and immerse ourselves in the culture,
architecture,festivals and customs of a unique land.
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23rd Oct - 04th Nov 2015 BOOK NOW

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Fiji - Tropical Winter Escape 2015
June 11th - 16th 2015


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Landscape Photography Tour Packages

Understand the Vision

Landscape photography tours

Exploring & photographing the most stunning scenery in the world

Imagine combining a dream holiday with your passion to explore and gain new expertise in one of the greatest art forms ever created – photography.

Join internationally renowned landscape photographers and owners of Australia’s leading print, design and framing gallery, Created for Life, Glenn McKimmin and Danny Irvine to experience and photograph some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. Read More….

Landscape photography workshops

Take your landscape photography skills to the next level

Are you keen to explore the world of landscape photography but don’t quite know where to start? Or, perhaps you’re proficient behind the lens but don’t know how to transform a great shot into a spectacular, professional quality finished work of art?

Our popular weekend photography workshops explore the fundamentals of landscape photography to take your skills to the next level.  Read More….

Experience Kamchatka

Experience Kamchatka

In the back of beyond, there is a wilderness that made it to UNESCO's books ahead of travel brochures and measures as much as four European countries. It is known as Kamchatka and it begs to be explored.

Central Coast

Central Coast Workshop

The Central Coast photography workshop is aimed at entry level to intermediate photographers . We start with the basics and give you the tools to grow as a photographer.

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